Lightroom RX100 II support is released

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Re: Lightroom RX100 II support is released

Dale Cotton wrote:

Marc: LR/ACR do not use custom lens correction profiles, they use the profile embedded in the raw file header. In LR it's irrelevant whether you check Enable Profile Correction or not. The correction is automatically applied during import but there is zero indication of that in the LR interface. Same with the RX100 original and the Mark 2.

This is partially true. In addition to using profiles embedded as metadata in Raw files (where they are applied and there is no indication to the user), there are also custom profiles that ship with Lightroom. For the latter you can choose whether or not the profile is applied and, in fact, create your own.

It would not be obvious whether the Sony profile is used or not, because Imaging Resource (and DPR) shoot the Mark3 at 70mm, precisely because that's where the lense has the least distortion. If you have a wide angle raw from the Mark 3 and it looks severely distorted in LR, then you would know that LR was not finding the embedded profile in the raw file.

As for colour profiles. Adobe profiles each camera, calling the result Adobe Standard. The purpose of this profile is to correct for inaccuracies in a given camera model's colour response. The OOC JPEG shows you the uncorrected response, the LR version shows you the corrected response.

When you take a picture the image is formed on the camera sensor. This is not a JPEG image but simply raw sensor data. The camera then interprets this data and creates a JPEG. It will, for example, sense whether you took the picture outdoors in sunlight, shade, or indoors under tungsten or fluorescent light and correct the image accordingly. So OOC JPEG images are corrected in-camera.

To verify the accuracy of the corrected response, Imaging Resource included a standardized Gretag-Macbeth ColorChecker card in their studio test shot, propped up against the olive oil bottle. Comparing the ColorChecker from the LR5.5 develop output to the ColorChecker from IR's OOC JPEG and both to my own copy of the ColorChecker card, the LR version is much more accurate.

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