Help me choose A7R or A7S

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Re: Help me choose A7R or A7S

paul1508 wrote:

The A7r has reported issues with the FE 70200 because of shutter shock

Interesting.  Can you give an example or two?

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Jerry Fusselman

Just Google it. "Sony a7r shutter shock fe 70-200".

So you don't have an example.

See, that's the problem in these forums. You have an A7, and there is nothing wrong in enjoying and praising the qualities that you think are important, but your comment was almost a complete bash of the A7r. Not partial at all.

Now back to OPs question:

Since you seem to have cameras on all spectrums, RX1 very silent and 24 my a99 for great tele lenses and faster AF, the A7r would be your extreme resolution one.

You have to think how much you need ISO over 6400,the limit of the A7r IMO, and 4k video over the 36mp.

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