Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: Seriously?

Scottelly wrote:

You CAN NOT expect to do much better with a JPEG.

Did you see Mike Gerstner's edit?

There is PLENTY of color in that image . . . considering what is normal for such scenes. Don't forget that scenes in shadow,

There is no reason why dark areas shouldn't have color because of JPEG. Of course you have to reduce color to 8 bit per channel, quantization takes together some color information and SNR is worse in dark areas - but it's still a color image and each pixel should be colorful. Not vivid, not bright. JPEG cannot be the explanation for a background almost being monochrome and right in the thick of it maintaining some green. To me that's clearly a flaw of the camera / image export. Usually JPEGs still contain color and color seperation in the shadows.

But since this flaw is known from the Merrills, I hope we will be able to choose ourselves in SPP either to export with colorless shadows or with colorful noisy ones. Without RAW and SPP 6 all I wanted to state is this visible lack of improvement. Btw I have the same difficulties to understand how this cannot be seen as you have with me expecting it to be better. ^^

Mike's edit is more balanced than Rick's. I think Rick only wanted to show the brightened shadows, regardless the rest of the image. But: Both versions are horrible regarding color, sorry. As said, it's not their fault, but also not fault of JPEG ... rather it's cam hardware or export settings.

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