True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Re: Canon would not be dropping support

Rick Knepper wrote:

if they maintained a Ver 3. You and I have different ideas of support. If this demarcation is actually intended going forward, it only means that Canon has decided to end the free giveaways (new features and controls) to folks who aren't paying for it. Another route: why not make DPP 4 available to 5D2 owners & etc. for a nominal fee of $29.99 or something like that? Put a little something something in the kitty.

PhotoKhan wrote:

...Why DPP 4.0 does not support more ancient CR2 files at launch has, maybe, more to do with the future than with the past.

New sensors from Canon are about to emerge. A recent call on CR points for this to be possible has early as the soon-to-be-released 7DII.

Every new interaction of the CR2 files are not exactly the same as the previous one, as proven by the need of new ACR releases by Adobe for each launch.

So, full backward full compatibility for DPP 4.0 would mobilize programing resources that may have been used to make it compatible with new coming sensors.

It might be more significant what actually already is in DPP4.0 without us being told so than what isn't, in spite of the poor communication.

In any case, for those of us with older cameras, it is just not logic to expect that Canon will be dropping support for older CR2 files in their own new software. It just does not make sense.

As for referral of those older cameras to a 3.14 update, I am sure it is only a stop gap.


Wow, you have even less (...or more, depending on perspective...) faith in Canon corporate guidance than I do

Proprietary brand software for cameras is not a product. It is a means to sell the product.

All major Android tweak and try to perfect the GUI and functionalities in their products running that OS. They don't "charge" for it. Part of the cost is included in the price of the final product, another part is written off as development/competitiveness costs.

I not saying Canon will support cameras as ancient as, say, the 300D with the "new" DPP (they will refer customers for the software that came with those cameras for RAW files  handling, most probably) but I am pretty sure it will support the 5DII which is the reason for this thread.

I would also bet it won't take long.


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