Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: noise is still not convincing, but the lens is

DMillier wrote:

Love the optimism but the d800 cameras are successful money spinners and will continue to be even if not upgraded for a while. Sigma won't put a dent in that no matter how good the quattro might be. Still niche and will continue to be unless Sigma flood the market with viable options at a half dozen price points. One camera (even with 3 focal length options) won't get significant traction. Nikon are still selling millions even in today's contracting market, Sigma are still selling thousands. It takes more than a good camera to be successful.

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Without speaking about other APS-C.

Just got an XT-1 + 35f1.4 + Zeiss touit 12mm + 18/55... this is an another world by far. IQ wise, it is maybe not what can churn out a merrill but at least you can do extremely good photos in EVERY condition (even more than my D700/D800). And I use it since some hours now and it is sharp, very sharp. Full light-room support, no strange things in foliage or whatever ...

I'm not an EVF guy, this is the first one. !!!!!!!! omg it is good, soooo good ... On par with the leica S.

A lot of SIGMA extremists should try one one day. They will probably let the DP/SD on the shelves for a while.

Oooo ... and color wise ... against Fuji, SIGMA is out of order by an extremely large margin. The color king atm is fuji (and MF). other brand should learn from them.

It was a bet to go in an another brands than the 4 I already use but I will probably throw one or two away. (This little thing is soo powerful that I might throw away the D700 and the D800 and just keeping the lenses).

The DP3m is now my official B&W only camera and nothing more.

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