Lightroom 5.5 doesn't start

Started Jun 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
Keit ll Veteran Member • Posts: 4,204
Re: Direct links to LR 5.5

Keit ll wrote:

sanmaj wrote:

In my case it apeears to have installed over it. v5.4 is gone and I now have just v5.5. This works OK for me because all of my folders, images, etc. now appear properly under v5.5. No problems so far and v5.5 appears to be a little more snappier; especially if I'm round-tripping to Photoshop CC 2014.

Hope this helps.

Thanks ! I'll still delay in installing this version as I have had problems in the past.

OK I bit the bullet & installed V.5.5 ! It did delete v 5.4 but installed seamlessly although it took some time.

Adobe do seem to be getting better with automatic installations. The latest DNG converter & cameraraw 8.5 also installed well from the download ,both together without any problems.

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