Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

I can't afford a Maserati, or even the little Mercedes sports car.  A Rolex gold watch is outside of my range at $35k, although I bought one for $6500 in 1985 when they were $8850 MSRP.  I've owned a Leica M4, M6, and last year bought a Monochrom plus Noctilux for $19k.  My car is 17 years old and runs fine with minimal maintenance, so buying the Leica MM and Nocti wasn't even a sacrifice.  Most anyone can afford a Leica M or ME with lens, at ~$8k or so, just by conserving a little.

Hi, I disagree with your "Most Anyone"
In reality not everyone can cut back that much.
Good on you that you can, the 35mm Leicas
are a different animal to the Digitals.. Thankfully I
can afford the M series plus lenses, actually I
think that spending around $10k on a Leica M Digital
Kit is over the top for something that is a transient
design.. If Joe" wants to spend his money that is his right.
Stay Cool...

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