Phone to run my GH3 remotely

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Re: Phone to run my GH3 remotely

You can just turn on airplane mode and then turn on Wi-Fi afterwards on any phone and it'll never say anything about the missing SIM or waste battery with the cell radios. I'd say an older Android phone model might be a better bet than an iPod touch; it'll be cheaper, possibly faster/larger, and the Android app is a little more polished or better when multi tasking anyway (which is still somewhat relevant even for a dedicated remote device, particularly if you're gonna use it for geotagging photos).

I'd look into something like a used HTC One X, Nexus 4, HTC EVO LTE (which reminds me, I gotta sell mine), Samsung Galaxy S3, etc. I can't imagine most of those would sell for much more than $100 as they're nearly 2 years old by now. Hell, even a brand new Moto G or E might fit the bill... The Moto G is actually a pretty amazing midrange phone for the price, but kinda expensive if it's solely for remote use. The E wouldn't be a bad choice for $130 tho, good backup phone in a pinch too...

Nothing against the touch btw, I had a second gen one, still actually... If it's just for remote use and nothing else then just go with the best priced one in used market.

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