When the Canon 1" sensor?

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My little 1 litre 3 cylinder city car does 70mph without any trouble and took me and my wife 400 miles to Scotland in a day without any trouble or discomfort and averaged over 60 miles per gallon. 150 mph cars are all about ego and nothing else and as you get older these things just become so unimportant which is a relief in many ways. The amazing thing with current technology is the torque and power that can be obtained from small things and that applies to sensors also.

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I do agree, but it's not that easy. If you want Very comfortable feeling of your car in 70 or even 90 mph, it needs to be able to make 150, otherwise all you get with slightly higher travel speed will be screaming and rumbling. So the overkill is here for a reason. Anyway we are getting in the situation where almost any device can serve it's better than it was supposed to, and we're getting in very interesting "times of plentyfullnes" we don't even appreciate....

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Why does he do it?

Off topic but Just for fun speaking of small packages that get the job done.

I used this camera at dinner and sold books of these images to the restaurant chain that loved them. Yes the image is noisy but it still has detail and they loved the very imperfect series. I didnt try to sell them. I gave them a book free and they asked.

This image was taken in a room light with very dim florescent bulbs at a pajama Christmas eve. But the Exif data is deceiving, it was darker than that exposure. The Panasonics and Sonys have a hand held low light mode that will stack several exposures and increases detail in low light. Of course your subject has to be still, this is like the Turbo that lets a smaller sensor perform like a larger one. It works great.

I would be very happy with any of those, we get simialir results from canon's 12mp BSI-CMOS sensor in any of the cameras its used in.

Caberet Festival

The Escape

Pink Fallen Petals

All OOC no PP, what more is there to want.


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