Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: Seriously?

RitterRunkel wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

RitterRunkel wrote:

rick decker wrote:

The full-size low-light waterfall looks very good and very clean. I increased the brightness to max (150) to see what was behind it.

Are you serious?

Some luminance is maintained, but color seems lost almost everywhere. It's even worse than a Merrill sample. I'm used to decrease chrominance noise reduction in SPP as far as possible, to get color back (and some blotches of course) in the shadows. But few blotches are still better than no color at all ...

Dude . . . he's adjusting a JPEG. He did not have the original raw file to work with in SPP.

Ur right: it's been a JPEG only and it's not Rick's fault of course. Didn't say anything different. Nevertheless, the JPEG already has an apparent defect! Ricks brightening just made it even more obvious.

It seems my statement was not clear to all: Yes, there is not much "noise", even after brightening up. Yes, there are not the typical system immanent magenta-green blotches. But no, that's not a reason to cheer since the dark parts of the image were not only freed from known flaws, but from color in general. That's no improvement. Only few leafes / few grass still contain color. Seems to be the threshold from SPP (denoising chrominance) making dark areas colorless.

(Yes, it's a dark scene, yes it's not that obvious in dark parts, but visible even without brightening. And I expect a good image to contain color even in the shadows. And colored shadows have been possible with the Merrills by reducing chrominance denoising and accepting the colored blotches. Still better than no color at all.)

I guess I need to repeat myself. This image is a JPEG. You CAN NOT expect to do much better with a JPEG. Did you see Mike Gerstner's edit? For you to say that has no color in it, I just can't understand where you're coming from. Maybe I'm an idiot or something, but in all my years of editing, I can't remember a time when I found a more recoverable dark JPEG. I've played with this image myself. I like Mike's edit better than what I've been able to do. There is PLENTY of color in that image . . . considering what is normal for such scenes. They aren't full of vivid color . . . as I'm sure you realize.

Don't forget that scenes in shadow, like this one, typically don't look like they're full of vivid color.

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