Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: Seriously?

personally, I would not touch that topic as to whether it is better or not although I can only make assumptions or speculations and not conclusions as to capability of Quattro as low as we do not have raw and new SPP to play with pictures. also, the processing involved. since it is jpeg picture, I take it with grain of salt.

my "speculation" is that maybe reduction of green is possibility to eliminate or make it better to shoot with sun and avoid sensor/magenta flares that has hounded Foveon. besides, I do not think people in right mind would be that crazy to push a way underexposed picture beyond Foveon limitation. people can see it in two ways. one can say it is better if noise is put into consideration. other say no, if retention of color is more priority. but question is how much of that green is actual signal or just noise blotch? one forgotten aspect of Quattro is that for people who likes to shoot with B&W. and personally speaking, despite my liking for Merrill Colors, I do want that option to shoot with B&W with smoother tonality. personally, I also have taste for the smoothness of Quattro. it is not the typical Merrill harsh picture, but atleast different and pleasing color vibrancy typical of Foveon is still there.

so far, with the pictures presented, I see difference with output. people may consider this an improvement or not is mainly subjective. depending on preference. you can still buy or keep Merrill if Quattro pictures does not appeal you.

the open question remains, Quattro raw and new SPP capacity. this we just cannot make conclusion.

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