Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

Your are still missing the point that not everybody uses cameras or think about them as you do.

Some eat only  beacause they have to , others enjoy eating.

Nothing wrong with either just a different attitude in life.

So ,in this case , some enjoy handling and shooting with a Leica (could  really be any brand or model including the Holga...) others need to feel that they have the sharpest best lens to take brick wall shots and talk about numbers.

To expand on a point made by another poster, when I visited Leica with a group of retailers all familiar with the brand with  most owning one or three, after the usual pleasantries we went out for a few days taking photos. (shooting Ektachrome )

Then having the film developed there, we compared photos projected on a large screen; not corners of, not lines per millimeter or stuff like that but the full image.

Having had the choice of anything there, I shot on an M camera with three of their more exotic lenses and took the best shots I ever did.

Sadly mine were also close to the worst (apart from a couple) from  the small  group.

The point is that for us  it was a pleasure not a chore to shoot with Leica and no we were in no hurry at all to get those cameras off our face.

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