Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

I'm not certain how this is a nail in the coffin of Leica?

Can the Sony prime take excellent pictures? I'm sure it can. Frankly, though, ANY modern m4/3 or larger camera with a good prime ought to be able to get excellent results on a static subject even wide open when tripod mounted under good light conditions. I'd have been shocked if there WERE a big difference in contrast, distortion, etc. under these circumstances.

Let's face it, almost any modern lens/camera combo is capable of producing technically excellent results that would look sharp in a 16x20" print under ideal circumstances. I don't think anyone buys an M(240) kit thinking it will take noticeably sharper images under most circumstances. I like the 'M' system because it is small, elegant, and it's lack of features simplifies and clarifies my photography. That being said, it would be a terrible choice for many types of photography including some types of reportage photography, sports, bird and wildlife photography, etc. The lens quality is, however, exceptional--easily as good as anyone else's offerings and arguably better than any other 35mm system's. Nothing in Steve Huff's single sampe contradicts that. And we don't even know how Steve took the shots. JPG or Raw? What lens profiles were used? Auto white balance or manual? Based on a gray card, or a color temp? Sharpening? What about crops from the corners? How was each camera focused?

Personally, I'm fine with the fact that Steve likes to post these "crazy comparisons," but there is nothing here that would make me think an M is no longer a viable approach to photography.

What nail are you referring to?

By the way, to all those who seem to think Leica cameras are simply a status symbol, I would recommend looking at the Leica forum on this very website. That forum has the highest ratio of actual photography posts to "spec comparison" posts on this website. It seems to me that Leica shooters are more likely than any other members of this community to actually be out there taking pictures and asking for feedback on their PHOTOGRAPHY rather than on their backfocus problems. Or their resolution comparisons. Or their test chart images. Or their focus speed comparisons. Or there micro-contrast measurements. I know this is primarily a "gear" website, but it looks to me like Leica cameras, aside from those in the hands of collectors, are much more likely to be USED than almost any other brand. I think it's a little early for a funeral.

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