Does OMD em1 have PTP

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Re: Does OMD em1 have PTP

Chumby wrote:

... I am getting into timelapse on the em01. The default settings for timelapse are very limited.

an available app - works well in conjunction with nikon and canon cameras and the excellent LRTimelapse program to produce stunning timelapses.

PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) is used on the Nikons and Canons to transfer images to tablets.

I know the em01 transfers pictures via the Olypmus OI.Share app - but not sure what protocol it uses. For dslrdashboard to ever work with olympus it needs (as a starting point) a camera that uses the PTP protocol.

Hence my question. Google tells me the em5 doesn't but that is as far as I can find.

Would like to get back to the developer of dslrdashboard with some info on this...

Sorry, just saw this thread. The E-M1 supports Pictbridge, which is a higher level protocol. From PCTECHGUIDE.COM ("What is Pictbridge and PTP?" ):

... In PictBridge, USB is used as a physical layer, and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) is used as the transport layer protocol. ...

Given someone working on implementing software at this level, the possibility exists that the E-M1 can be made compatible with dslrdashboard since the transport layer protocol is there, but it might take some doing.

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