Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: noise is still not convincing, but the lens is

Usee wrote:

Thank you for the hint and the conclusions... still seems to be a (very) low ISO camera and the noise behaviour which can be seen so far, is a bit disappointing due to the expectations, that it should be (at least) 1 stop better, than the Merrill.

I'm curious to see, if the ISO settings and the metering of the DP2Q is closer to the SD1M, or closer to the DP2M, which already seem to have a different interpretation of sensitivity:


However, the lens of the DP2Q seems to be a real gem, like the 50 mm Art lens from Sigma... long as Sigma is pushing the lens quality like they currently do, they have nothing to worry, even if the first Quattro generation should have a bit disappointing RAWs (in regard of some expectations)...

...I still hope that they will deliver high quality, compact, light weight lenses for Samsung - some day...

...and high resolving sensors, like the Quattro and the Merrilll, are a good aid for developing high quality lenses, no matter, if the cameras are attractive, or not.

I think this upgrade is similar to the upgrade from the Nikon D5000 to the Nikon D5100 (maybe a little more, because of the totally different body and longer battery life). That upgrade was worth getting, for some people. It was more an upgrade to keep with the times though. I think this upgrade might actually bring people from the Merrill cameras to the new Quattro cameras. The faster processing and better lens alone might do it, but with the longer battery life and slightly better sensor, I think a lot of people will want to get the new camera. Then there's the new screen and improved functionality. (I don't think the Merrills have an interval timer shooting mode, do they?)

Stepping up from 12 MP to 16 MP is a 33% step up (the D5000 was 12 MP and the D5100 was 16 MP). It's about the same for stepping the DP series up from 14.7 MP to 19.6 MP.

This camera will make the DP series more competitive. I think it will also compete better against the Nikon D800. I think people will be more likely to buy this new camera, rather than the bigger, heavier, more expensive Nikon . . . if they can deal with the fact that they'll only have the one focal length and can't shoot video. I think some people will choose the Quattros over the Sony A7 and A7r cameras too. Some people actually like the idea of having a camera per lens. I've always wanted that . . . 2 zooms, to cover wide and normal, attached to two cameras - one lens on each camera.

Dawson53 wrote:

Thanks to people in Japan. They are sharing infos on Twitter which they got from the touch and try event.

I am summarizing them.

1. dp2Q has a better screen. It's not as good as current Sony's screen, but it is as good as Olympus's screen from a couple years ago.

2. The leather look alike part of the grip was a plastic at the CP+, but it is now a rubber.

3. You can choose the color of the grid line. White or black. DPM has only a black grid line.

4. SIGMA is going to publish new dp2Q Image samples which are taken by Yukio Uchida in Taiwan.

5. Yukio Uchida says "The resolution spec of dp2Q is about 1.3x times to DP2M, but I felt it was about 1.5x". "The contrast and sharpness of DP2M were a bit strong, but dp2Q is natural so it makes the gradation on Chromemode more smooth." "dp2Q's RAW data is easier than DP2M's RAW to edit and try in several ways. DP2M's editing was a walking on the one way path to the best goal." "However, if you like to check the newspaper every day and shoot it, you will prefer the DPM to dpQ."(Maybe he is talking about the sharpness.)

6. Some DPM users claim if you edit the RAW file, it is hard to tell which is the dpQ and DPM, but JPEG shows a huge difference. SIGMA rep said they focused on JPEG as well. The pics in this article are JPEG, which is taken as RAW+JPEG.

This is the original size of jpeg sample.

7. After all, the difference of IQ is not so big, but the user experience is a big difference. Easy to use, quick response, and great IQ.

Edit, MapCamera also released new samples of dp2Q. I don't know are they taken by RAW or JPEG.

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