Fast, affordable, standard prime for 4/3

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Re: Fast, affordable, standard prime for 4/3

I think finding a fast and affordable lens around the 25-30mm mark is going to be quite difficult and can't think of any suggestions beyond those already made.  If you find a good Sigma 30, then they can be really great lenses - I've used it in PK mount.

I also love using legacy lenses but they're not going to help much; if you were looking for 50mm it would be a very different kettle of fish, but legacy 28mm lenses don't often tend to be much to write home about.  Tamron did make quite a nice 24/2.5 Adaptall lens, but I wouldn't buy it in preference to the newer Olympus pancake.

I also wonder whether you may be better getting a good 14-54 2.8/3.5 unless you already have one.  Yes I know it's not a prime, and it's not as fast as you'd hope, but it is a great lens, easy to find secondhand, and at standard focal lengths is probably very close in performance to a good prime in any case.

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