When the Canon 1" sensor?

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Re: Where does it lead us?

phazelag wrote:

brianj wrote:

This current obsession with larger sensors, where does it lead us?

To better image quality with less noise or at least the ability to clean the noise with out smearing.

Most of us can already do everything we need and more using the present slightly smaller sensors, so there must be some new thing just around the corner that I do not know about that is only achievable if we keep moving in the direction of larger sensors, can anyone enlighten me what this might be.

This is true and I objectively believe that my Panasonic FZ200 is hand down the best super zoom with a small sensor. I know the SX50 with a similar 12mp sensor is close. http://www.scottzinda.com/Point-and-Shoot-Cameras/FZ200/

But I do find some limitations in low light even with the constant f2.8. You can view my indoor theater dancer photos where I needed ISO 800-3200 to really get the shutter I needed. I could not get there with any kind of clean image when compared to my M43 or RX10. This also goes for early morning and evening birds.

Otherwise can someone tell me why they are obsessed with larger sensors.

Not obsessed just a logical question to ask as nice compromise considering the dramatic increase in quality. For low light shots. And even though I am prefer quality over Megapixels which is why I have a 12MP FZ200 over any of the 16MP versions with crap sensors. But in the right conditions and with the right lens, a few more megapixels can ad detail or a bit or artificial reach.

Here is my RX10 gallery I have been testing. It lacks the Reach of my FZ200 and falls short on macro and birds but where the focal lengths are similar or lower light, the RX10 is superior on detail. I realize the detail is not all Megapixels but it helps in certain conditions.


No, I haven't heard any rumours, but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.

If your happy with your current gear, that is a great thing!

That's a fair assessment, which I agree with, so its mainly about people wanting more or bigger or better even if they don't need it in many cases.  The same arguments could be applied to most things we have, our car or our TV or whatever.  I just find that the things I own already do more than I need from them, so am struggling to understand this overkill mentality.

It would be the same as wanting a car that can do 1000km/hr when our present one can already do 800km/hr but the roads we drive on only allow 100km/hr.  It seems to be a case of the manufacturers desperately looking for ways to get us to spend our money.


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