Crispiness and too much detail in Real Estate Photos

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Re: Crispiness and too much detail in Real Estate Photos

24Peter wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

I think the effect you are seeing is increased micro-contrast in areas where you don't want it. Increasing contrast in an area can make the details in that area more noticeable.

This is most likely an artifact caused by the program/settings you are using for tone mapping the HDR image.

The best solution would be to find setting for the program (or a different program) that gives you the look you are looking for.

Another solution is to correct it photoshop. Add an additional layer with a properly processed image of the bed, and use a mask to select between the two layers.

For the additional layer, use either use a tone mapped image with lower contrast settings, or use one of the original images that includes a properly exposed bed.

+1 - Mr. Fryd's analysis (and suggested solutions) is/are complete on this issue.

And another +1

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