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There's going to be an onslaught of D800/E's for sale on the 2nd hard market like nobody's business.

I sold mine 6 months ago in anticipation of this, but may leave for Sony after I see what gets announced at photokina.

I'm really hoping the AF is a big step forward, but even if they tighten up the tolerances, not sure it'll solve the focus shift problem found in a lot of great lenses (e.g. 14-24/2.8)

So, you sold your D800 6 months ago in anticipation of this event, what have you used in the interim? Many photographers (sic) follow this strategy which seems to me to only give them bragging rights for owning the latest new toy.

To each his own.


I had limited travel plans this year so I was willing to not have any equipment this year.  It's a bit painful at times, but here in Chicago the Winter was so brutal I would not have used it at all anyhow.

I've filled the time reading up on composition and reviewing galleries of great photographs to learn and get ideas.

I'm pretty sure I'm headed towards the A7r followup (hopefully photokina) and away from big, heavy bodies and lenses, so I used the Winter/Spring to sell equipment and now I'm of a clear mind to make a decision about the best platform going forward.  My heart hopes it will be Nikon, but my brain says that's unlikely (for me).

I'm a bond trader by profession, so I prefer to not take a bath financially on anything and was willing to 'trade' 9 months of being able to take photos for getting nearly all of my investment back (I sold about $25,000 of equipment over the past year or so, which was at least 75% of what I paid for it all).

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