Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: No nail, Leica is the best. Whether you can afford it is another issue

HussH wrote:

Tested on an Image Master Optical bench. Against Zeiss Otus, Sigma Art etc.

Leica APO clearly the best. And the Leica Summilux and Summicron are up there too.

That's interesting to know ! Certainly in film days, they were highly regarded; now they're disadvantaged by the 18MP sensor (I've heard a newer high res model is in the works).

Whether you can afford it is another issue. I can't, and I'm good with that. But it seems to me that these posts are started by people who can't, and are not good with that.

Could be ... I tend to live beneath my means, so I could afford more luxury in one or two parts of my life (i.e. Leica camera kit or a luxury car or an in-ground pool instead of an above ground pool, but certainly not all of them. I admire Leica, the company, and regard Leica, the gear, as desirable luxury items, much like BMWs and certain other cars. Something I'd thoroughly enjoy using; something I'd jump on at a bargain price, or keep (rather than sell) if someone gave one to me ... but ultimately something that really doesn't provide me with any real value beyond my more modest (and more practical) APS-C DSLR and compact digicam.

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