Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

DaveOl wrote:

If someone was giving me the camera and lens, I would rather have the Leica. Since no one is going to give it to me, I would rather buy the Sony A7 and Sony/Zeiss lens.

I don't have the 50mm 'cron APO, but I do have the 50mm 'lux and an M240. I also have the Zony 55 FE and the a7. Since purchasing the latter, I've not mounted the 50 'lux on the Leica except for testing. While I still use the M240 with the 24mm and 18mm ASPH Elmars, which are fantastic lenses and a great combination with the Leica, the Leica 50 gathers dust.

Why? I can use live view to focus other places than the center of the image with the a7. The EFCS on the a7 means I get clearer pictures handheld. The a7 EVF is more detailed than the M240's clip on EVF, and refreshes faster. The 'lux focusing ring has a shortish throw, which makes it really touchy using LV at wide apertures, whereas Sony has made huge improvements in their focus-by-wire firmware, and the a7 is thus much faster and easier when nailing the focus manually. I see minimal negative effects of the gentle AA filter on the a7 compared with none on the Leica. The Sony combination is smaller and lighter. No green shadows. The a7 sensor is not as noisy.

Is not having a RF a problem? Not with the 50mm lens; I never found it accurate enough at wide apertures with a 50 on a 24 MP (or even the M9's 18MP) camera, although I like the RF a lot with 28mm and wider lenses. Do I like the way the Leica helicoid feels? Do I like having the aperture control on the lens? Do I find the a7 menus maddening? Sure, but for me, it's about utility.

I don't think I'm giving up any image quality by choosing the Sony combination, although I'm losing two-thirds of a stop wide open.

So if I had neither camera/lens combination, and I could have either for free, and the camera and the lens were glued together, I'd pick the Sony/Zeiss.


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