True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Re: What an opened can of the proverbial invertebrate animal.

maiaibing wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

Have to say I believe that "adding" is restricted to new models but I hope I am wrong. Fact is neither you nor I actually know or have any way of knowing - but that Canon knows and they are not telling.

But they are:

The first paragraph in "Camera compatibility and OS support" starts with "At launch".

I do not agree. "At launch" is exactly what leaves mine - and others - question open; does this mean a camera such as 5DII will be added or not? There is no way of telling. The implication seems they will not add anything but newer models - but why not just write that?

that's what "at launch" means.  if they weren't going to support them, they wouldn't put "at launch" and just have "support cameras are...."

if you choose to take an obtuse definition of it - that's your interpretation.

it supports NONE of my cameras - so far, and not to mention a history of older CR2's.  however I will wait.  canon has around 20-40 Million DSLRs out in the wild, rolling out a complete re-write with support across all of them (or even choosing what to support and what not to) would create just as much confusion, costs and headaches.  they could have made it for current production cameras, but then again, the same thing applies - that's over 10 times the amount of cameras per month out the door than just the full frame.

the 5D2? well, where do you stop? should you then support the 1Ds Mark III? what about the 1D mark IV, etc and so on.  this is a pretty clear dividing line that limits their impact.

Limiting it then to just current full frame bodies in production limits the scope of support and possible issues - it allows them to more quickly vet problems, and then work on the DLO and other support for earlier versions of the CR2 file format.

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