Do not upgrade/update your CC apps yet

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Do not upgrade/update your CC apps yet

There are serious issues.  I ran the updates on one of my systems yesterday, and here's what happened.

Lightroom 5.5 installed incorrectly, had to be uninstalled and reinstalled, still bad.  Was then given a link to 5.5 that was NOT the same as what the CC app sent me.  Installed fine.

However, it lost some of my pre-set preferences, and it would only allow me to "edit with" CC2014.  Meaning, I couldn't edit with CC.  That's a problem, because...

When CC2014 installed, it brought over SOME of my actions.  Most of them, but not all.  So I now have to play a game called "find the missing actions."  It brought over NONE of the setup preferences like scratch disks.  It's also incompatible with all of the plug ins I use, so without the plug ins that I depend on, CC2014 is pretty much useless.

But wait, maybe I can use Bridge to open in CC.  Nope.  The Bridge update will also only allow you to open with CC2014.

Spent 2.5 hours on chat help, first getting Lightroom 5.5 to work, then trying to get Bridge or LR to let me edit in CC instead of CC2014.  Never got the problem solved, ran out of time.  Figured out a workaround in LR - registered CC as an alternative to Photoshop, which means I lost being able to open in HDREffex. Basically, it sees Photoshop CC as a "third party editor".  That means you can become functional but it's still NOT "working as designed."

This morning, I was surprised to find in my creative cloud desktop that EVERY PROGRAM had a new update waiting to download.  Yes, they were ALL different than what I downloaded and installed yesterday.  No, they didn't fix the problems.  Called in to support after wasting a half hour on chat with a guy who couldn't seem to get the right response on screen (at least twice he posted "so you want to cancel your purchase, is that correct?")

I tried going on to Adobe's forums yesterday and again today, and got Error 500 with a stack trace dump... Adobe Support said they're having server problems and "should be OK in a few hours."

All of this is on my Windows main workstation.  I am NOT risking my travel laptop, which is Mac, so maybe there aren't problems there, but I just don't want to find out.

I just spent a half hour on the phone with their tech support, and the official fix, for now, is to go into Bridge and re-do the file associations to be for CC and NOT CC 2014.  If you do that, Bridge will now work like it used to, giving you a choice between CC and CC2014.  (But, that means that CS6 is no longer available to use.  Apparently it can now only have two options.)  I heard reps in the background doing the same routine with others.

The guy I worked with on the phone said that they are swamped right now, and that there will likely be multiple updates over the next couple of weeks.  Apparently what I encountered isn't anywhere near the worst that others have encountered.

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