Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

EvokeEmotion wrote:

EvokeEmotion wrote:

"There is such a thing as enjoying the experience so if one prefers to hold, look through and shoot with a particular camera"

I just want to get the shot and get that camera off my face ASAP.

How sad. It means either you have a job you hate, a hobby you don't enjoy, or equipment you don't like using.

Sad? Not at all. I care about the image I'm taking, not a piece of cold hard machinery used to do it. It is people who are worrying about how the camera feels in their hands that are sad.

Each to his / her own.  But surely you can appreciate that there some (perhaps even many) people who get pleasure from using and owning beautifully crafted equipment?  Whether that translates into better photographs is perhaps irrelevant - after all I'm a pretty average driver and could probably never get the best out of some of the cars I own but it doesn't stop me enjoying them.  Same with cameras, golf clubs, etc., etc.

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