Wedding shoot debrief - K5IIs/Kx

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Wedding shoot debrief - K5IIs/Kx

I recently shot a wedding in Adelaide, South Australia, flying from Perth, before flying to Melbourne for a family visit and an architectural shoot. The following is some insight and kind of debrief of how things went. Maybe of some value to someone out there.

I attended the wedding venue twice before the day itself, which was valuable in getting the layout and idea's of what the bride and groom where thinking and organising. It was a pretty casual event and the area relied on natural lighting and was assured that they usually get better weather than was forecast in Adelaide itself.

Day dawned, with gear primed, plenty of spare batteries for the cameras and the Metz mounted on the K5IIs. Weather got worse as we approached the destination !! I had already done some pre wedding stuff at the house, feeling the Vibe of the bride as I knew she was very set in her mind of what she did and didn't want.

As the weather slowly got worse, it was decided that we head indoors to a small room, which gave me little place to move, but good ambient light by the big windows. Sigma 17-50 f2.8 was perfect for this close range stuff. My partner had the 50-135 on the Kx and shot some good stuff from further back in the crowd.

The rest of the night was pretty much indoors, apart from a wee break to get some wedding party and a few group shots. I found a nice set of wooden doors and corrugated iron wall which had a nice feel to it, plus some good reflection shots with large windows.

One mistake I made was not realising that with iso still set to auto, the Pentax / Metz still shot auto iso.... many times up to 1600/3200. I had both cameras set up to 6400 due to the very low light conditions. For future reference change to a low iso and let the flash do it's work, perhaps why the energiser batteries lasted all night??

Overall result: Everyone very happy, good results and a sigh of relief from me. Great experience. The high iso of both cameras was a revelation. I found that a number of 6400 iso shots without flash seemed to be in reasonable light, but made for higher shutter speeds and cleaned up very easily in lightroom. Many of the 3200 iso shots not quite so easy to clean up, but were background shots anyhow and the outside shots were up to 400 iso maximum.

The battery performance of the K5IIs with pack on below lasted all night as did (surprisingly) the kx with it's eneloops. I think these cameras batteries love being used in high demand over a short period such as this.

Auto focus was again spot on, using AF-S, the Kx even performing a lot better with the 50-135 than I had hoped for and recent experience had shown me. The 50-135 is a love / hate relationship for me, seemingly at the start to either not want to focus or missing it, but I also get the feeling that it seems to "warm up". Perhaps the AF motor after a period of no use, gets cold then warmed up and performs as it should is all I can come up with ?? I get the same with the DA12-24 which also annoys me.........

All the gear worked very very well, even the poor old Kx....which if you've owned one and put decent glass on it is not so surprising. It delivers a beautiful picture still. The High iso performance gave me a lot of confidence and this was probably one of the darker situations I will encounter. The Metz worked faultlessly and tirelessly.

Architecture shoot: I have now figured out that architecture shoots are not at all like real estate shoots or photographers artistic shots of buildings!! They don't want bright skies and lawns, they need the whole building in the frame, they need to be asked what features of the building is on the important list because you may miss it. I have had to photoshop lawn and sky and some garden into the shots, tone them down etc, a whole lot of hard work...... but again a wonderful experience. Used mainly DA 12 -24 for the indoor shoot with the K-01 with Sigma 17-50 outside.

The IQ of the 12-24 is leaving me cold compared to the 17-50... it's okay and maybe it;s my version, the Sigma is just an absolute peach of a lens and noticeably better IQ.

Would I like Full Frame ?? Answer, YES. The aps-c cameras did really well and can cope with what i threw at them. The K3 has the twin card slots to avoid SD card failure issues and faster processing, but other than that K5IIs and Kx and their respective resolution behaved great. However, the best tool for the job when you start getting into paid work, will give you that bit more confidence. The extra iso performance and that DOF look from FF is something I would like. Right now it's down to a few more dollars and the 'jury is out' on my next purchase.

Hope this is worth the read for one or two of you thinking about the same thing ??

Pentax K-01 Pentax K-5 Pentax K-x
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