Oly TCON-17, tele lens: new $82. Reliability of the source???

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Michael Meissner
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Olympus Tcon-17 versions

Over the years Olympus has released various Tcon-17's, so you need to make sure you know which Tcon is being sold. Resellers aren't often careful which model they list, and sometimes eliminate the suffix. This seller is selling the Tcon-17x. As far as I know the versions released include:

  • B300: This was released with the IS-3 film camera many years ago. It has a 55mm filter thread. It gets its name because it gives the IS-3 camera a 300mm field of view.
  • Tcon-17: When digital cameras out, Olympus released this lens. It has a 55mm filter thread. Most people assume this is exactly the same as the B300. It gets its name because it multiplies the focal length by 1.7x.
  • Tcon-17C: This was released for the C-5060 and C-7070 cameras many years ago and it mates with the CLA-7 adapter, and the Olympus documentation claims it has a proprietary thread.
  • Tcon-17X: This is the tcon listed for working with the Stylus1 and XZ-2/XZ-1. Like the Tcon-17 it has a 55mm filter thread. So, if you find an original Tcon-17 or B300, it will work (I have one of the original Tcon-17/B300 and it works with the 3rd party clone of the CLA-13).  Given the lens was announced several years ago, it may be based on the original B300/Tcon-17 design, but it is likely it has newer formulations for the lens coating, which may mean less flares (this is a guess, but generally the lens coating technology has been improved in the 10-15 years since the original B300 design).
  • Tcon-17F: This tcon was released for use with the SP-310, SP-320, and SP-350 cameras several years ago. It mates with the CLA-9 adapter, and I don't know what thread the Tcon-17F uses.

Olympus has produced other focal length multipliers over the years:

  • A200: This was released with either the IS-1 or IS-2 cameras.  It had a 49mm filter thread, and multiplied the focal length by 1.5x.
  • Tcon-T01: This uses the CLA-T01 adapter (IIRC, 49mm), and is used by the TG-1, TG-2, and TG-3 tough cameras.  It multiplies the focal length by 1.7x.
  • Tcon-300: This beast of a lens was made for the E-10 and E-20 cameras, and it increases the focal length by 3x.  Here is a link for it: Amazon Tcon-300 resellers.
  • Tcon-14B: This lens was also made for the E-10 and E-20 cameras.  It has a 62mm filter thread and it increases the focal length by 1.45.  Here is a link for it: Amazon Tcon-14B resellers.
  • There were some other Tcon's from the film cameras that I'm blanking on.
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