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Re: Immediate and future upgrades

tsk1979 wrote:

Ideally, I would like to go with A6000 + A7 + lenses combo

However, as things stand, that would be a big financial hit

yes but it should be less so if you sell your gear.

First lets come to pentax. They do not have presence in India. So I have to choose the big three (Sony/Canon/Nikon)

that is hard to believe, I didn't think it would be a problem in the capital. I could certainly find it in Bangalore.

So for now I will fix my immediate problem

Get the A6000 which gives me

1. EVF

2. Time lapse capability

3. Better AF - NEX 5N to A6000 shooters who have tamron 18-200 have confirmed that now AF is better

I slog my D7000 more, and explore more on adapters (metabones etc.,)

Then I can simply go for an A7 + an adapter based on cheap lens availability.

So I do one upgrade now, and second upgrade later.

Who knows, I go for a full frame SLT and also buy a LA-EA4 which will allow me to use the SLT lenses on my A6000

hmmm I am doing the opposite. I went for A7 and then planning on getting the new A77m2. The reason being the IQ of A7 is same as FF SLT i.e. A99 (actually A7 is slightly better). I can get similar AF to A99 with EA4. On the other hand while the AF/tracking capabilities of A6K are very good for a mirrorless its still not on the level of pro-level DSLR AF systems like D7100/D800 (I haven't used D7000). But about 5 people who shoot with other systems for action/sports (4 of whom I trust the experience of) have told me A77m2 is on those levels i.e. pro level canikon for AF/tracking performance.

So if I am going to buy one sony mirrorless and one SLT, I will pick each system for what they do best. So A7 for IQ and size (FE35 and FE55 are brilliant little lenses) so when I am travelling I will have a FF for landscape type stuff and A77m2 for AF/tracking.

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