Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

Started Jun 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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I don't get it

Steve writes:

The Sony surprised me here!

Why ? A CZ prime on a state of the art FF sensor produces a sharp picture ... what's there to be surprised at ?

Anyway, the A7 might be a sort-of-alternative to Leica for a few people who were never going to buy a Leica anyway. And it might offer an affordable digital body to people who have old Leica kits, but who were reluctant to spend $7k+ on an M body.

But Leica really has no competition. I'm not saying it's better than anything else; just that some people are going to buy it and a lot of people aren't, and there's not much that anyone other than Leica is going to do to change that.

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