Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

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Re: Thinking of getting into FX but have a few reservations

Here are my two cents

1) if you go full frame go all the way and don't use the 35 mm DX on it. I agree it is a phenomenal lens but it is built for a DX not FX. Kinda pointless in my view to upgrade to a full frame and not take advantage of the whole sensor which is really the point of going full frame. Spring for one of the 50 mm. If price is an issue, the 50 mm f/1.8D is a fine lens and you can pick it up for under $200

2) as for shooting at shutter speeds of 1/4000, I am far from an expert but I suspect that it is more marketing hype than improvement in performance. I shoot sports regularly and I don't think I have ever gone above 1/640 which stops the action pretty well.

Good luck with your decision. I know it can be guy wrenching but I think we make it harder than it actually is and I am just as bad as anyone.

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