True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Re: What an opened can of the proverbial invertebrate animal.

maiaibing wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

However, being the Internet what it is, confusion will issue (it already started) and all hell has a definite chance of breaking loose ("Canon stops supporting older versions of CR2 files!")

That they will be taking calls, emails and general online rants because of a product that so few use anyway is just one of those ironies so sadly common in current days.

Seems to me that what is sad that Canon just clarifying this to customers in a clear way could have made lots of people's life easier. Have to say I believe that "adding" is restricted to new models but I hope I am wrong. Fact is neither you nor I actually know or have any way of knowing - but that Canon knows and they are not telling.

But they are:

The first paragraph in "Camera compatibility and OS support" starts with "At launch".

I do agree they should be more explicit from the get go, if for nothing else, to avoid the flak they'll be calling upon themselves.


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