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Re: So, how well have England performed since 1966?

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Just look at the track record. It is a big zero...Nothing accomplished, with such a large amount of footballplayers. Much more then Uruguay, with a mere 3 million and you even cannot win from them.

How many World Cups have Holland actually won?

How is that a good paramter for assessing achievements over a longer period? if a team reguylarly reaches the top 2 in the biggest sport in the world, that seems a reasonable indicator. Andwe reached the semi's in 98 too. we have gone to each and every poule phase we entered. Always. Never dropped out.

Well it's the ultimate measure of success isn't it.

A single succes over 50 years is not a measurement of how well a country and its sstem work out is it. If you make a big profit as a company one year and then lose out big time all the others that one profit is just that. You are not doing well as a company. If you consistantly end up in the the top ten in your segment you do consitantly well.

You've never won a world cup yet you ridicule England.

I do not ridicule England at all. It is my true opinion. I am not enjoyingmyself at all, I like the English a whole lot! In fact I love the UK and its citizens very much. If there was a champiosnhip for being polite, kind and helpfull we would lose big time against you. But the footbaal is simply subpar and has been for so long.

Don't forget we were only narrowly beaten in 1970 by the greatest World Cup team of them all, which included Pele. We were also cheated out by Maradona in 1986 (eventual winners) and lost in a penalty shootout to the Germans in 1990 (eventual winners). By any standards England have not been blessed by the best of luck.

I watched that match and maradona did one thing, but also another: he demolished England on his own. maradona is the best player ever. And Argentina were the bestteam also during that match. Again you look at one thing and draw conclusions.

It is funyhow quite a few English only seem to remember the handsball. While we over here remember that splendid rush, outplaying all england players and scoring too....Best goal in the history of the WC AFAIk.

Jimmy White never won a world title, would you say he is less of a player than Graeme Dot or Ken Doherty or that guy who won in 1986???

Well he can never say he's better than them can he.

But all connaisseurs do so and rightfully so. What a player! O'sullivan is White but with the right mindset for a final.

Of course different looks on the match are possible, but we can argue time and time again about each match. if Spain scored the 2-0, then NL would not havehad it easy and Spain would be more tranquil against Chile which would could should etcetc.

England just never is there. And never havebeen. NL, also a small country with 17 million nowadays have been in a final for 3 times since 74. And won the EC in 88...

How many World Cups have Holland actually won?


Its the ultimate measure of success, if it was "meaningless" why bother?

because I am not talking about the English performance in one champiosnhip, I am talking about the English performance over decades. And that is relevant because this  years perfomance will end in a similar fashion and the reasons are the same: a team thatlacks skills to get any further.

Dutch always play similar, English too. The English game type lacks and always will. You need to change drastically. Even Gerrard noted quality deficits after Italy. Most dutch I am in touch withduring theWC predicted a loss for England based on lacking skills...

The Dutch team is an ordinary team saved by two world class players, Van Persie and Robben, take them out and you have a very ordinary team. England are currently lacking any world class players but they have young players with great potential. They've failed in this World cup due to inexperience and naivety. They outplayed both Italy and Uruguay for most of both matches and lost due to classic sucker punches. Uruguay should have been down to ten men for most of last nights match, that they weren't was due to poor refereeing.

Oh agree with that. Our teams is surely lacking skills too and we are all convinced that reaching the second round is what is about the best we can expect. Either Mexico or Brasil will defeat us.
But we have Memphis Depay..18 years old and another very promising Dutchmen. we have Lens. we have Sneijder 9but not in a good shape). Sadly Strootman is injured, a dominant centre midfield player. All these are very skilled, technical, smart players. Defenders: we haven't had any good ones since 2004. But Nigel de Jong is nice and worldclass exception.

Nigel De Jong tried to kick his way to being a World Champion in the last final, that's not world class for me.

Understandably uou look at incidents rather than the complete picture, just like with Maradona. maradona is known to be the bet or one of the best ever. English people only talk about the hand of God...

maradona also kicked a Brazilian (I think Falcão) in half in WC 82. How does that affect his longstanding carreer as a fantastic, player? Not.

If your team had actually tried to play football they might have had a chance. I was disappointed, I used to admire Dutch football but you disgraced yourselves in the last world cup I am sorry to say. I'm glad to see you are doing it differently this time.

Holland may do well in this world cup because world class players always make a difference, but I believe that if Robben in particular gets injured or sent off you will struggle, and make no mistake, when you come up against a decent South American side they will do their best to take care of that.

Even with Robben we will not go through. How that has got anything to do with a consistent lacking England I don't know.

England are not lacking by much that's my point, they were naive and inexperienced, they have some very good young players who have acquitted themselves well, and yes, they are technically very good as well. The England U17's have just won the European Championship beating Holland, we have a better future coming, you will see.

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When we start to reiterate our beliefs, it is time to stop and say we disagree. Thx for your thoughts and all the best to England. They can still pass!

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