Would I pay someone else to process my RAWs?

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Would I pay someone else to process my RAWs?

That is the question I've been asking myself recently. Mainly because, as I mentioned to a moderator a week or so prior to starting this thread, I've lately been thinking of offering RAW processing services on a commercial basis.

My own answer is that it depends on a number of factors. For some images, such as those of my family I'd say definitely not. Similarly, for artistic projects I probably wouldn't consider it. In other situations though, such as for events or architectural photography I might, assuming I'd be able to deal directly with the person doing the work.

Funnily enough, whilst I've been mulling it over I have come across a couple of companies with offerings in this area, one locally in Spain and another I saw on the main page of DPReview the other day. I haven't tried these services yet but that might be one way to help with my research, this thread being another.

I should make it clear that I'm not currently looking for clients. That is against forum rules* for one thing, and for another, before offering services on a commercial basis I would most likely have to do the following:

  • Update one of my PCs, or better yet buy a new one dedicated only to this work
  • Purchase some more storage space, again solely dedicated to the job
  • Design and publish the business website
  • Get the opinion of a business lawyer and comply with the relevant regulations

All those things cost money, and before shelling out I thought I'd ask the community for opinions. Assuming I'd be focusing almost exclusively on Pentax shooters (with the possibility of a Sigma photog here and there), and working as an individual rather than a large faceless corporation, is there anyone who thinks it might be a good idea? When I say good idea, I obviously don't mean to make millions this way, just as a small business based on a good relationship with a few regular clients.

* As I mentioned above I spoke with a mod before posting, then went away and had a good think about it. I believe I've been careful not to bend or break the rules but if any of the wording seems off I'd be quite happy to alter it.

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