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Got a FZ200 a few weeks ago. Getting to know it. Like the feature set and ergonomics quite a lot. However it seems so far that its images do not hold up so well if I crop into them too much. Anybody else find this is true as well? Not a huge limitation, but proper framing to begin with appears to be highly essential with the FZ200.

There's no free lunch. If you sacrifice on sensor size to get more reach in a small package, you're giving up the scope for cropping that you'd use to try to match it if you were still using larger format gear in roughly the same size ballpark.

Well, maybe there's a free snack at least. A small one. And it is this: small sensors tend to be more efficient per unit of sensor area in any given technology generation. So if you were going to be cropping very heavily anyway to make your shots then you probably have indeed gained some significant advantage.

Anyway, yes, I find the prospect of cropping my FZ200 shots to be unsavoury as well. Instead I just try to fill the frame as much as possible. A teleside teleconverter can really help with that. I picked up a $50 Olympus B-300 which I think produces excellent results, and it will work on your Stylus 1 as well. Just a thought.

Thanks for your replies! I hope I do not sound like I am complaining! I just wanted to make sure what I'm encountering when cropping too deeply isn't unique to my FZ200. I really like the FZ200, more so than any FZ before. I started with the FZ15. FZ20. FZ5. FZ7. FZ8. FZ18. FZ28. FZ45. And you know what? I think the color is the best I've ever seen in the FZ series!

I'm going to check out the B-300. And while this is not the right forum, I will at least say that yes, I do like the Stylus 1 very much, too.

I would like to see Panasonic pair a larger sensor with a perhaps more ordinary lens to keep the overall footprint of such a camera on the smaller side.

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