What 3rd party lens makers should do...

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Re: What 3rd party lens makers should do...

letsgofishing wrote:

Why only zooms? There have many MANY requests for an 8mm f4 rectilinear prime THAT TAKES FILTERS- there's a huge gap in the current line-up for a lens like this...

- There are 7,5 mm, 10mm, 12 mm, 14 mm 15 mm 17 mm 19 mm, 20mm, 25 mm 30 mm, 42,5 mm, 45 mm, 60 mm 75 mm primes....

If we look broader, Fl covered.

We have:

- 7-14, 9-18, 12,32, 12-35, 12-40, 14-42 (how many?), 14-140, 14-150, 35-100 (2 within a year), 40-150 (soon). 45-150, 40-150, 45-175.

The system is BLESSED with primes. Not much for Sigma to add there, but an 8 mm would nice.  And of course if they make some of them cheap andtrue mFT that would be great. or just great but expensive..fine.

But look at above 75-100 mm. What do we have then? Well...75-300 and 100-300. And that is it. No weathersealing. no fast glass. No nothing. seems to me that that range has far more potential than the sub 100 mm range...

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