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Peter Mueller
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Re: Obvious bait and switch site

Roland Wooster wrote:

Peter Mueller wrote:

I am not changing my tune (or anything else for that matter). I am just pointing out that there is no 24-70 mm VR lens so why would anyone advertise one.

I would assume it's to lure some in to their site and then to switch after baiting them, that's called bait and switch - which is why I tried to point out the advertisement to you.

In general, if anyone is accusing somebody of anything (like false advertising), I consider the credibility of that person to be much higher if some documentation corroborating such accusation is accompanying the claim.

So I presume you looked at www.nikonrumors.com and have confirmed what I'm saying.

Whether you can be bothered or not is irrelevant. In this context: who in their right minds believes in or clicks on pop-up ads?

Its entirely relevant, why don't you look at the website yourself? I provided a URL and indicated where on the page you'll find the ad (the bottom of the page). My goodness, what else do you expect from a stranger to whom you're being rude?

I am not expecting anything from anybody and I am not being rude.  I do not care if there is a pop-up ad on nikonrumors I only expressed my opinion that if somebody is making an accusation without backing it up that person is appearing less credible to me than he or she would be had there been evidence of any sort backing up the claim.  Sometime after the the actual accusation, you delivered an explanation where one may find corroboration, which is, of course, better than nothing.  By the way, I did not see an add for 42nd street when I visited nikonrumors (I go to that site almost every day anyway) but online adds come and go and, in my experience, change with every reload of the page.  So, yes, it is possible there was at one point, or still is sometimes, an advertisement by 42nd street photo for a non-existing product and I am sure the internet community at large is thanking you from the bottom of what they call their hearts for this important piece of information.

I have grown tired of this exchange of more or less meaningless posts and if I should seize to contribute to this thread, please don't take it personally.  I think I said everything I wanted (and then some).

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