A6000 + non-SLT-mirror-adapter + 70-300G or 70-400G

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Re: re: the EA1/EA3 are using CDAF which is inherently slooooow...

I admit that I have a problem to understand why PDAF should not work at all with the A6000 and the EA1 or EA3 adapters? The camera itself does have PDAF. Why is it not capable of transmitting this to the lens, while an EA2 or EA4 adapter with its own PDAF system can do that? I don't get what is the fundamental difference of the A6000's PDAF to the one in the camera?

A EA2 or EA4 is out of the question for me. You're losing about 1/2 EV which is a lot considering that you're going to buy that expensive tele glass in the first place, and also the PDAF system of the adapter is rather dated in comparison to the one in the A6000.

My alternative for long telephoto reach (I currently have a A7R, 35/2.8 and 70-200FE) would rather be a Nikon crop DSLR body and the Nikkor 80-400 AF-S VR, if the A6000 and 70-400G combo are not working well together. However, I'd prefer to have an all-Sony system as I could swap bodies and lenses freely whenever the need should arise (for example, I then also could use the A7R and 70-400G together for static subjects, etc.).


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