True that DPP4 does not work with 5DII files?

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Rick Knepper
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maiaibing wrote:

Cannot check this myself these weeks. Would be surprised if DPP does not support 5DII which is not that old yet.

Random thoughts

1.) Will Canon maintain a "CS6-type" Terminal Version 3 for download for those with older cameras in case they lose their disc?

2.) If you are buying used, make sure you get the disc that came with it. It's been my experience that downloads of DPP search during installation for the original version that came with the camera and if that is not found, it won't install.

2a.) A used camera marker is essential to moving new cameras but where does the support begin/end in this grey area?

3.) It's not smart marketing to support older products into perpetuity. There is virtually no support/repair for most electronics past their shelf life/warranty period all of which are intentionally short even if the product is generally designed to last for longer periods of time like big flat screen TVs. Usually, in electronics, a model number is retired after 6 months or so thereby rendering the model you JUST bought as "discontinued". The item with the new model number is virtually the same item as the older item - maybe they changed a part such as a different size screw somewhere on the chassis in order to "change" the physical attributes enough to be able to call it an improved version and justify the "discontinued" status of the previous model. If there is support, the repair usually costs as much or more than buying a new unit. One would think that electronics marketed to professionals would have longer periods of support but...

4.) It's not smart marketing to support older software into perpetuity either....

5.) It is smart to support customers but good support comes with a price and buyers of 35mm format cameras probably have proved to Canon over time that price is more important than support.

5.) For those of us who upgrade often, software or gear, we shoulder more of the cost of these products in terms of company profit but also in R&D.

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