Some new infos about dp2Q from the touch and try event. + JPEG samples from Yodobashi and MapCamera

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Re: noise is still not convincing, but the lens is

Usee wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Usee wrote:

Thank you for the hint and the conclusions... still seems to be a (very) low ISO camera and the noise behaviour which can be seen so far, is a bit disappointing due to the expectations, that it should be (at least) 1 stop better, than the Merrill.

I agree, it is disappointing... that they estimated too low, the noise looks to be somewhat better that a stop improved, judging by all real samples so far.

Especially the high ISO samples at one of the links.

You should know, that a stop "improvement" may come from a different way to chose the ISO numbers, as already hinted:

If I would rename the ISO 400 setting of a camera to ISO 800...

...would this result in 1 stop improvement?

No, but repeating a wild speculation doesn't tame it either Assuming for a second that your claim is correct, that DP2Q is one stop less sensitive at ISO 100 than D800 and that the D800 itself is really ISO 72, then the actual value for DP2Q would be ISO 36. By using the sunny 16 rule from film days I would then expect significant under-exposure even on the brightest day in Japan.

But that's not what happens in real life, as shown by the out-of-camera example SDIM0320.JPG from the link below at 1/400s,f/8, ISO100. If anything, the result is a bit on the bright side even if the exposure is the same as sunny 16.

Having said that, even Sigma's CEO has downplayed the high-ISO improvement of the Quattro in interviews, it's in low ISO we should expect most from the Quattro (like better highlight headroom at ISO 100).

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