Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

Exactly, What for? The A7R will not do you in any human environment as unlike the A7 it has unbelieveably LLOOONGG! shutter lag, so you'll miss all the expressions (love that posed frozen smile!) people actually have at events worth KEEPING.

The Nikon is much much better at this sort of thing. Like a 1Ds it is fast.

I do not myself personally find the ergonomics of the Sony conducive to good work, as gripping it and handholding it in poor light is not an easy matter.

The size and density of the D800E especially with the grip means you can handhold at much lower speeds and get sharp shots if there is no subject movement even without IS.

I would have waited to buy an A7 series until Sony made the A7R as fast in response (at least) as the A7, and the great thing about an optical viewfinder is it shows you straightaway how bad your shot is and how poor the light. It does not soup up or flatter as Sony EVFs do. They make it always look better than it really is. I know I have a Nex7

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