Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

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Re: Finally a nail in the Leica coffin

AlbertInFrance wrote:

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samfan wrote:

So, which of the other current digital rangefinder cameras would you recommend?

Oh right, there aren't any.

Ah so form is more important than function for you. Then enjoy blowing your $10k on form!

Surely the choice between coupled rangefinder and other focusing methods is functionally based. There are still times when a CRF is an excellent choice.

And no, I have never owned a Leica but I have used CRFs.

The advantage of a rangefinder is that the view never blacks out. There is also often a visible border outside the image area, so you can see people walking into shot. Both are good for street photography.

The disadvantage is that it needs very accurate manufacture and setting up, and can easily drift away from its original accuracy. A Sony A7 focusses from the sensor itself, so is always accurate -- no calibration is required.

However, the M240 does I believe also have a Live View LCD for more careful focussing.

Leica have always made excellent lenses, and so have Zeiss. The image style is different. Other makers are now catching up and the standard of the best lenses is very high indeed -- higher than you need for the average shot printed up to A3 size, but nice for wide views where you can scroll around in the image on screen and find lots of details.

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