Crispiness and too much detail in Real Estate Photos

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Re: Crispiness and too much detail in Real Estate Photos

Richard Weisgrau wrote:

I shoot a fair amount of real estate. I only use HDR when outdoors in high contrast lighting or indoors when the window light is so bright that I cannot overcome it with bounce flash.

What puzzles me is why you are getting more detail with HDR. HDR does not change the resolving power of the lens, which resolves the same # of lined per mm no matter how you shoot.

I'd guess (really a guess) that the HDR shots are at higher contrast and that is creating the appearance of more edge sharpness that you get with flash, which is pretty flat lighting. I really don't know, and I would like to read some opinions on the matter from those who do HDR.

Yeah, that's was i was thinking. If anything HDR gives theoretically less detail as multiple images stacked won't always line up/merge at absolutely 100% perfect alignment... Maybe the higher dynamic range is capturing more shadows which show up the creases to a greater degree. If you think about it an overexposed white sheet would look crease free a properly exposed white sheet would show more creases and HDR will show more again.

Maybe some fill light to get rid of any shadows would work as a solution.

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