Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

knickerhawk wrote:

If I have not learned how in 60 years, I probably never will.

60 years of shooting autofocus only? Impressive, considering it was introduced in the mid-70s!

Well, maybe I forgot how to focus manually after 1970 ish. At any rate we used to take minutes, not micro seconds to take a still shot.

Sure can't remember what camera I learned on but what I remember most about film was throwing away most of the prints after they came back from the developers.

What I do a lot of now is focus by touch on the screen of my GH4.

However it is the AF-ON button of a Nikon DSLR that is usually dead on and can be very fast..

My observation is that the only thing that might make manual focus faster would be a good Follow Focus Rig and a very sharp and high resolution EVF or Monitor.

Besides, I like AutoFocus. All my Nikkors are AF-S and all my lumix are AF.

It is also why I sent back my SpeedBooster, but

I would like to use some wider and faster lens on my GH4.

AF on wide angle lenses isn't a big help because you're very often at infinity anyway. AF at very wide aperture settings can be problematic with many m4/3 cameras because of the difficulty of precisely controlling the focus point. Not sure about the GH4, but with the EM5 manual focus using the EVF magnification and IBIS is pretty easy to do.

It usually shoot wide angle lens wide open. It is rare that I go over f/8

My understanding is that many adapters do require infinity settings, but doesn't the SpeedBooster require the lens to be wide open to let in the most light?

The AF ad AFF on the GH4 is very fast with Lumix lens but using the touch screen during a video can cause a noticeable "hic up".

Manual Focusing with the SpeedBooster by hand was so bad and akward that I had a messed up film although the parts that were in focus were very bright and sharp in poor light.

What I did when I sent back the SpeedBooster was to replace the 14-140 with a 12-35 for much better results.

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