What 3rd party lens makers should do...

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I am not

I am well aware of how well these perform. The 19 mm is not nearly as good it seems as the 60 mm, which is almost as good as the 75 mm f1.8 (presumably a Sigma in disguise).

But the basic principle to me is that I am not going to buy lenses that do not use the full potential of the system.  Also, 60 mm without stabilisation on a Panny bod is less than ideal. It would do okey with my EPL5.

But I have the 12-35 and 35-100 and I am really happy with their performance. No doubt the 60 mm especially is sharper etc still, but I don't need that FL as much since I have the 45 mm f1.8 Oly. I don't want to have 10 lenses or so in the 7-100 mm range. Since I have the 12-35 and now 35-100 I rarely use the primes. although for portraits the 45 f1.8 comes in of course. The 20 mm which I used very much has become redundant almost. Might sell it.

Ad I've said many times now. I want a relatively fast, weatehr and dustsealed lens from 100-250/275 mm or so. Say f3,2 to f4,5 to keep it reasonable in size (or better: whatever speed as long as it is not about the same size and weight as my 100-300 Panny).

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