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Re: Obvious bait and switch site

Peter Mueller wrote:

I am not changing my tune (or anything else for that matter). I am just pointing out that there is no 24-70 mm VR lens so why would anyone advertise one.

I would assume it's to lure some in to their site and then to switch after baiting them, that's called bait and switch - which is why I tried to point out the advertisement to you.

In general, if anyone is accusing somebody of anything (like false advertising), I consider the credibility of that person to be much higher if some documentation corroborating such accusation is accompanying the claim.

So I presume you looked at www.nikonrumors.com and have confirmed what I'm saying.

Whether you can be bothered or not is irrelevant. In this context: who in their right minds believes in or clicks on pop-up ads?

Its entirely relevant, why don't you look at the website yourself? I provided a URL and indicated where on the page you'll find the ad (the bottom of the page). My goodness, what else do you expect from a stranger to whom you're being rude?

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