Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

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Re: Selling my D800E for WHAT?!?

'that gawdawfully loud shutter on the A7r goes off multiple times'

There have been quite a few videos of various camera shutter sounds, the a7r is not a standout, outside the mirrorless arena - another instance of Sony being held to standards across categories, the little cam that has to please everyone from downsizing medium format users to m43 zealots!

I shoot in places where the dust is centuries old and the staff are very stroppy at times; the only FF camera (pre a7s) noticeably quieter than the a7r in my experience is the 'stealth king' RX1, I do one sweep with that one, then try the a7r. Most times no one notices - the shutter activation is long in duration but has a stylish deep-voiced manly appeal to it. The a900 is much more intrusive for example. Like so many DSLRs it is all: a intrusive clatter clatter - a very sharp sound you hear more easily.

Of course, peering down the dark murk inside a DSLR window through the lousy AF focus screen while turning the focus ring of a fine manual focus lens back and forth in a vain attempt to acquire something approaching even a facsimile of exact focus is totally a mug's game - incredibly counter-productive, you end up with neck pain, eye strain, way fewer keepers, and frustrated people use the newer Nikons like the DF is literally beyond me. I genuinely feel for them...Nikon should be ashamed of the DF.

What happened over the years to DSLR cameras? I had a Nikon F2AS with two ground glass focusing screens and could focus my lens adequately in low light. I don't get it and heard they are plastic now. Is it because they went cheap on that component when AF was introduced?

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