Pixel size, sensor size, viewing & printing size...FX and DX comparison, professional input invited.

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Pixel size, sensor size, viewing & printing size...FX and DX comparison, professional input invited.

Ok, this is a post and recent question:

OK, here is the full lowdown on FX vs DX.

D800 does not have 54MPx, which is what it would be if it was just d7100 sensor at 2.25x the area. Instead its pixels are bigger than those of d7100, which is why d800 has better noise performance per pixel. D800 has better DR and noise performance vs D7000 b/c it has newer pixels even though they are essentially the same size as pixels on d7000.

I have a question about the above statement:

If the old 16 MP D7000 camera were to undergo a magical renovation, and it's sensor was given the newer pixels and same qualities and characteristics of the pixels in the D800, would both cameras have identical Iso performance? Given that both cameras were to have the same processor.

Example, if the D7000 magically had the same size pixels as the D800 pixels, and the pixel quality was exactly the same, would these 2 cameras have identical ISO noise characteristics, or different noise characteristics?

I'm thinking that in relation to the above scenario, a DX crop photo of the D800 camera would produce a photo exactly the same, identical in every way, to the D7000 magically renovated camera. I'm talking about pixel quality, not depth of field, or lens sharpness.

BUT, if I wasn't cropping my D800 photo, then I could downsize the sensor size till it matched the smaller sensor size of the magical D7000 smaller sensor size. By this I mean down size the larger full frame photo down to the smaller DX photo size. When I downsize a photo, I've heard that it essentially shrinks down the appearance of the noise in the photo, as well.

Would this not give a camera with a larger sensor surface and photo size the advantage over a camera that has exactly the same pixel quality with a smaller sensor? Or, does this advantage only show when you are printing very large photos, and there is no advantage at smaller viewing sizes? Also, would someone be able to tell me what the size print would be in inches, when the smaller sensor would start to show negative results compared to the larger sensor? Would it be when the print size for each camera could not print at the maximum resolution of 300 DPI?

With all the above, I am also assuming that the processor is identical in each camera as well.


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