Which refillable cartridges for Epson 3880

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A couple of questions

I'm trying to understand how the chamber type refillables work so hope you can help me out.

I know you've developed refilling techniques for OEM cartridges and it looks like the OEM/mylar bag system is the better system for air management - as you've pointed out, the chip makes sure you don't run empty and you just have to be careful loading and priming.  I'm guessing that having the ink in a bag and the bag being pressurized helps keep the ink isolated and air out of the lines.

1)  Do the chamber type refillables rely on pressurized air in the chamber to operate?  If that's the case then it sounds like the ink is directly exposed and you'd think there's a real risk of air blowing by at low cartridge levels if you're not on top of it.  You'd also have to wonder if the air has any effect on the ink properties if you let it sit for a while.

2)  Does the InkjetMall refillables or anybody else have a bag?

Thanks for your help


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