Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout


What are the chance of a Nikon to 4/3 version that transfers the electrical contact like MetaBones have done for Canon?

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While admittedly I am not Brian and have no affiliation with him or Metabones, perhaps I can provide an answer:

The trouble with Nikon mount in a smart adapter is that the aperture for Nikon lenses is stopped down, mechanically, by a coupling in the camera itself. As far as I know, the only "smart" mount adapters which have any mechanical features at all are Sony's adapter from Minolta/Sony Alpha to Sony E, and Nikon's adapter from Nikon F to Nikon CX. Both of these adapters are respectively developed by companies that understand each lens mount backwards and forwards.

I think a small third-party company like Metabones doing the necessary complex R&D and coming up with a mechanical smart adapter is a pretty unlikely proposition, particularly given a mount which has problems like Nikon F does (a given aperture coupling position can be a stop or more different between lens models, and this is especially important with G lenses with no aperture ring-- and the only reason that Nikon cameras stop down the lens correctly is because Nikon themselves knows what's going on).

Canon EF smart adapters have been developed for Sony E (and MFT to a much more limited extent), but Canon EF's communication is entirely electronic, which makes the problem easier to deal with at a level that's that only really needs good programming: camera sends one signal to the SoC in the adapter, and it translates that to a signal that can be interpreted in the lens.

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