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Re: Obvious bait and switch site

Roland Wooster wrote:

Peter Mueller wrote:

Rich Rosen wrote:

Peter Mueller wrote:

Roland Wooster wrote:

They are currently advertising a Nikon 24-70 VR lens.

However, all the links just point you to the standard 24-70mm, non VR. If their advertising is so clearly false I can only imagine what their customer service is like.

I don't get it. Nikon's 24-70 f/2.8 does not have VR. Does 42nd street claim it does? Could you post a link to the advertisement? I am not trying to defend the store against reason and I have bought photo equipment from B&H (very happy with B&H) and Adorama (not really happy), but I did buy from 42nd Street and had a 100% positive experience. I notice that most if not all of the folks badmouthing them here have not purchased from them. So what gives?

Interesting point, about many of us not purchasing from 42nd ST Photo. The site, photo.net had a shop review section some years ago, that was more comprehensive than it is today. Among the shops, that were badly reviewed on a consistent basis; 42nd St Photo. So I never purchased from them. I had been warned. When the OP posted his question, I felt it necessary to inform him/her of my knowledge of 42nd St's reputation, but told him that I had not purchased from them.

I decided that an old reputation could change after all these years, and so I did a little research on how 42nd st photo is currently viewed. Intially, the reviews I found were mixed on photo.net, so I went further and looked at a site called consumer affairs.com (looks like a private site). The majority of reviews on that site gave 42nd St 5 out 5 stars. But I noticed something very curious: that some reviews were edited or updated, and the rating was improved. 42nd St had contacted these reviewers and promised make good on a customers order... if the reviewer would change the review. Several upgraded reviews mention this enticement, or bribe.

So in my mind, the shoddy, dishonest way 42nd street photo has not changed. It has only gotten more sophisticated in its dishonesty. I don't know what to make of your experience, or the experience of many others, who say that 42nd St is ok. I know, however, that I would not buy from them, because I 've seen enough reviews, to confirm that in many cases, they are dishonest. I felt the OP needed to know that.


Hi Rich,

Fair enough. You have a good point, which is well taken.

I should point put, however, that I was not addressing you specifically, but rather I was responding to Roland who is attacking the store for something that he himself may be mistaken about. It is quite possible that 42nd street photo has been and maybe still is, at least on occasion, less than ethical in its sales practices;

Peter, 4 hours ago you ask me to post a link, then only 3 hours later you change your tune to "Roland who is attacking the store.... may be mistaken" give me a moment to respond, please have a little patience.

The advertisement is a popup, so it might change at any time, and I can't honestly be bothered to take screen shots, upload them, and post just to prove my point.

However, I just checked 60 seconds ago at www.nikonrumors.com if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see it quite clearly. Advertised as $1549 Nikon 24-70mm VR, which then takes you to their website with a totally standard Nikon 24-70 without VR.


Hi Roland,

I am not changing my tune (or anything else for that matter).  I am just pointing out that there is no 24-70 mm VR lens so why would anyone advertise one.  In general, if anyone is accusing somebody of anything (like false advertising), I consider the credibility of that person to be much higher if some documentation corroborating such accusation is accompanying the claim.  Whether you can be bothered or not is irrelevant.  In this context: who in their right minds believes in or clicks on pop-up ads?

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