Which refillable cartridges for Epson 3880

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Ink bag or no ink bag

pcm81 had an interesting point regarding introducing air into the ink bag when filling and steps to minimize it with a syringe.

I notice that InkjetMall refillable cartridges for the 3880 have a similar type syringe system (InkjetMall ) and InkRepublic appears to have a cap you unscrew and fill with the ink bottle neck (InkRepublic).

The InkRepublic cartridges are much larger and filling seems pretty straightforward. The cartridge is pressurized and air doesn't seem to be isolated but you'd think that it would go to the top of the cartridge (you'd have to make sure you didn't run it empty). The inkjetMall cartridge filling seems to be finicky but maybe better air management?

I'm new to this so I'm curious if anybody has any thoughts or preferences?



Sorry Joe - I just saw your post after I submitted this - any thoughts regarding the two systems??

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